Aetherian Explorer

Explore the world of Aetheria. Visit a peaceful world during a simple age.

The known world of Aetheria contains 10 Islands with castles on each of them.

Tour 12 castles ranging from single towers to multi-ward keeps. All of them in desperate need of an interior decorator.


  • Download
    (1.3gb Windows Executable Updated 2018-07-20)
  • Extract contents to a folder.
  • Run JebsCastleGame.exe
  • Have fun!
  • Complete quests and deeds to aquire items to assist you in your journey.
  • Harvest resources from the landscape to craft goods to sell for profit or gain reputation.
  • Pick up coins while exploring castles to help build your reputation.
  • Oh and don't try to swim to another island. You will fall of the edge of the world and die. Which is okay. You'll revive at the closest retreat point.
  • Controls

  • WASD for movement. Arrow keys work too.
  • Right mouse button to steer and look around.
  • Shift to run
  • Space to jump
  • R to throw a rope. For climbing steep slopes.
  • F to turn on the flashlight. If you have one.
  • T to open the Journal to the crafting page.
  • M to open the Journal to a map of the current Island. If you have one.
    (More controls are explained in game and are customizable)
  • The inventory system allows for empty bags to be collapsed into other bags ().

    The vault system allows accessing items stored in the vault across multiple islands. There is additional vault space for sharing items between characters.

    Entire bags can be moved into and out of the vault containers. This allows for special 'tool' bags that can be stored and used only when necessary.

    If you own a horse they come with room for bags too.

    The Journal holds numerous useful pages that can be aquired by reading books in bookshelves found throughout the land.
  • Crafting Recipes - Craft objects with recipes that can be found in bookshelves.
  • Deed Log - Keep track of your progress on deeds.
  • Journal - Display a longer list of status messages. Provides note space specific to the current toon and a shared note space.
  • Proficiencies - Keep track of your proficiencies.
  • Quest Log - Keep track of your current quests.
  • Reputation - Keep track of your reputation with islands, towns and guilds.
  • Maps - Many maps can be aquired from bookshelves.
  • The Thiessen-Krutz Compass is a helpfull tool with numerous attachments and special needles that can be found in treasure chests or purchased from Vendors.
  • Standard directional needle
  • Coin needle - Points towards the next closet coin.
  • Elevatamometer - Indicates the elevation of the next closest coin.
  • Time piece - Tells the time.
  • Coordinateomometer - Displays current coordinates and other usefull information.
  • Flashlight - Helps in the dark.
  • Many more...
  • Tents allow for sleeping when out in the wilderness. Lakes and ponds provide drinkable water when thirsty.
    Campfires provide warmth and light during dark nights. It's best to try to sleep at night. It gets incredibly dark outside without a full moon.
    Beacon Towers mark the far corners of many islands. Earn reputation by lighting the beacon fires. They also provide drinkable water and provide a safe haven to sleep in when far from home.
    Paladrian Castle provides a great basecamp for exploring Ghendli Island.
    Gigantic mushrooms from the distant past were found. A special process was discovered that allowed preserving them and allowing for rooms to be carved into them.
    Hope you enjoy. Have fun.
    ©Jeb Baker 2018